rlpSPHERE- Using Text Codes on "For Sale Sign" or other printed / online material

Using Text Codes can be an excellent marketing strategy and with rlpSPHERE, you have the tools to take advntage of them.

I am going to run through the set up and usage of Text Codes for adding them to your "For Sale" signs, or any printed or online media.

If you use the smart number for Text code on a "for sales sign", for example " Text info to 226-780-6270 for information on this listing., the interested party would enter "info" in the message and send to the smart number. Deb would get the text and the smart campaign would then respond with the link to the particular listing, depending on the information you enter in the form. The next interaction from this client to the smart number would go to Deb automatically.

The issue is that if they actually call the smart number prior to making contact with you, it would be defaulted to the office and routed as per the office rules. The only solution is making sure your cell number is on the sign for interested parties to call and make sure that you imply that the smart number on the sign is for text inquiries only. Once they do contact you via the text code, all communications would then be routed to you automatically if using the smart number

Here is the process for setting up and maintaining your Smart Number 

1) In rlpSPHERE, select "Lead Engine" followed by "Call Capture

2) Once in "Call Capture", you will notice the office Smart Number. This is the number you will use for signs, printed material and even online listings for text codes and communications if you want to use the CRM aspect of rlpSPHERE for campaigns.

3) On the right side, there is a default Custom Code for all agents. In this case, this is Deb Rhodes Custom Code. There are no actions currently set up for this Custom Code, but by selecting "Edit", you can set up actions so that if someone texts "Deb" it will automatically respond with the listing MLS that is configured in the set up of actions.

4) You can add extra codes. for example if you have 3 listings, it would not be effective as one text code will not be able to take you to the 3 different listings. If you take out 3 text codes, then you can accomodate the three listings with 3 different text codes such as Info1, Info2, Info3 or whatever you choose as the Text Codes. Just have to remember that there are no spaces in your text code and to try to keep it short.


The text codes are configurable as per the screenshot below. If using this strategy, I would recommend separate smaller signs that attach to your main sign or when printing new signs, get them printed with different text codes on them to cover your potential requirements.

Again, being there is just one Smart Number, if someone uses "Info", then that choice will no longer be available for any other agent to use.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the Group Page.





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