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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions to get you results.

Cktechconnect social media strategy
Media Strategy

With a media strategy in place, your organization will purposefully build and manage your public image and relationships, so that when you want to launch a campaign or respond to a situation, you have social capital to build upon. We work with your team to develop a strategy that is timely and cost effective.


Cktechconnect video development
Digital Marketing


Your marketing strategy must make use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and videos to engage with consumers and other business partners. Our digital marketing plans apply technologies or platforms such as websites, mobile sites, apps (classic and mobile) and social networks, to your existing traditional marketing.


Cktechconnect branding and development
Branding & Identity


When developing your organization's brand we ensure that the visible elements of a your brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol) identify and distinguish the brand in the consumer's mind.  To develop your online identity your communication style is key in how consumers perceive your brand. 

Mobile Websites
Mobile Marketing

Connecting and engaging with customers through and with mobile devices is key to your business success. Todays technologies allow your business to communicate with consumers in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network.  Mobile websites and Mobile applications (apps) provide a variety of marketing strategies that other media can not.



Cktechconnect Social Media Marketing and Training
Social Marketing

Social Marketing provides your business an opportunity to connect with consumers on the social platforms and sites that they spend time with every day. Consumers will identify with your brand and start to build a relationship with your business, organization and product. We assist in the design, development and management of social platforms. Our team is responsive to your consumers' needs while keeping your brand and identity strong. 


Cktechconnect content development


Helping your organization in the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant, consistent content is essential to attract and acquire today's consumer. Whether your content is delivered in an image, blog or video it must be meaningful to your customers.


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