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7 Trends You Should Know For A Digital Marketing Campaign

With 80% of web searchers ignoring paid results, you can no longer rely on PPC advertising alone to boost traffic to your site. It’s become more important than ever to work on increasing organic traffic.

Perhaps that’s a good thing. PPC advertising can provide a useful boost short-term, but it becomes costly to maintain it as your primary digital marketing strategy. SEO is a much more cost-effective strategy long-term.

The problem, however, is that getting SEO right can be difficult. Also, because you don’t see immediate results, it can be difficult to nail down exactly what’s working for you. Overall, this can make digital marketing something of a chore.

That is, unless you have a cheat sheet to help you out. The team at Serpwatch created such a cheat sheet. Check it out for yourself in the infographic below.

You’ll learn a lot of actionable tips based on real statistics. How do ad blockers affect your digital marketing methods? How effective is video content in reality? Do search engines drive more traffic than social media or vice versa? How many words should your content be? These are just a few of the questions that are answered in the infographic, and there are a lot more besides. There’s a lot of advice online about how to hack SEO, but not all of it is good. Some of the advice out there is old rehashed garbage that could end up hurting rather than helping your efforts. This info is different – it’s based on actual stats that you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Contributed By: Josh Wardini

Community Manager at Webmastersjury


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